Why it Works!


Create your Physique is an App built for everyone. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, shape your toned physique into a lean physique, or want to build muscle…CYP was made just for you!  Create Your Physique will build a customized meal plan for you with personalized portions based on your desired goal and selected food choices. CYP has videos that not only show you how easy it is to navigate through the app with all of its amazing features but also how simple it is to meal prep. Everything you need can be found at your local supermarket. No gimmicks. Just results. CYP even includes a directory with related services that will offer discounts to CYP users. For just $4.99 this amazing app can change your life. CYP is excited and honored to help you create the physique you have always wanted.


Not only are diets temporary, one diet will not work for everyone. Most people eat three meals a day. If their day is super busy, they might only eat twice skipping breakfast or lunch. Their train of thought might be that if they eat less, they will lose more weight. This theory is far from the truth. Not eating throughout the day slows down your metabolism and ironically causes you to store fat. If you only have one meal a day and your body requires 6 ounces of food but you eat 12 ounces because you are starving, what to do think it does with the other 6 ounces? That’s right! It is putting those other ounces in places we do not want them to be.


In order to get results, a meal plan must be tailor made for that individual. Create Your Physique stops the hunger and starts the process with your very own customized meal plan! CYP is designed for the user to eat their preferred choices of food at the right time of the day with personalized portions according to their goal. A notification is sent to the user to eat every three hours so that the body is getting exactly what it needs without all the extra that will get stored as fat… ultimately helping your metabolism. In two easy steps, you will have what you need to finally get you where you want to be and keep you there. Simply pick your goal and choose your foods while the App does the rest. No Gimmicks. Just results. 

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