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Here we go! Project “Get in shape with CYP” is in full effect!!

In order for any diet to work, it has to be personalized to the individual. Create Your Physique does exactly that allowing the user to create the physique they want on their terms. The user simply selects their goal, chooses their foods, and follows their own plan. That is it…We give the user all the power in the palm of their hand.

We cannot calculate your personalized portions without knowing your current weight so you are going to need a body scale. Then you are going to need a food scale so that you can accurately measure your portions. Both of these items are essential to reach your goal. You will not get results without knowing and measuring your portions. Please do not rely on what might look like your portions. Five ounces of chicken looks very different than five ounces of fish.

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You will discover that this journey does not have to be a tasteless one. The idea is to cook without loads of salt or sugar. Look for seasonings that are sodium free and add some real ingredients… Cilantro, Garlic, Lime, Onions, Peppers, and Scallions! Switching to Mrs.Dash is a great option.

This is my personal favorite Mrs.Dash.

The best price for the bigger bottle can be found at Sam’s.

Sam’s also has single ingredients in a dried manner. We use these as well because we don’t always have the time to chop. Sometimes we need to sprinkle and move on…

These are great easy to prepare items that I buy at Costco.

Do you like yogurt? I like yogurt. This one has the least amount of sugar and doesn’t taste like paste. Look for the “simply 100” because the regular one has more sugar.

Another meal option are protein shakes, which are a great way to increase your protein intake. Use Whey protein for daytime and Casein protein for nighttime. No more than 2 shakes a day. It will only help if you are following your meal plan! The recipe for the protein shake we make can be found on our Recipe Videos page. To learn more about protein powders and other supplements, click here to view our supplement guide.

Here are our ingredients for our protein shake. We use old fashioned oatmeal versus instant due to sugar content. If that particular spinach is not available, any brand will do including the bag of spinach at the supermarket.

Here are all the things we have on deck for meal prepping. I also try to have limes nearby. That ketchup reads “no salt” on the label. Only 5mg of sodium.

Keep it Simple! Please remember that regardless of how hard or how long you train/workout, you will not reach your goal without proper nutrition. The gym is only 5% of your day. It is what you do with the other 95% that makes all the difference. This is an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% is diet. 20% is activity.

We cook a bunch of food on meal prep day and weigh from there. If we cook a bunch of chicken, pasta, potatoes, vegetables… we follow our portions on the App and eat the same protein all day.

So if the App gives you steak, fish, and chicken in one day but all you have is chicken, that’s ok. Simply stick to your portions and make sure you are following the suggestion of what kind of carbs to eat during the day. The App is defaulted to make sure you eat the right kind of carb at the best time of the day according to your schedule. Your last meal will never be a heavy carb. It will always be your choice of veggies or your ingredients for a salad. It’s ok to use bagged salad and frozen vegetables if you are pressed for time. We use these on a regular basis. Meal prepping doesn’t have to be complicated.

In order for diet to work, it must be tailored to the individual. Everyone’s portions are different.

Once you have cooked all these meals, you need something to put them in. It is not necessary to spends loads of money on containers.

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Carry your meals with you so you can stay on track throughout the day. If you are on the road and need a microwave, stop by a 7-11. They have them there and are free to use.

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Don’t confuse cheat meals with cheat days. You cannot out train your fork. You can put on a good amount of weight in a weekend if you completely let loose. And if you are trying to get a six pack, a cheat meal once a day will not do it. Trust me! I tried it and it did not work. I put on 20 lbs in no time. I went back on the App with sticking to the plan all week and only one cheat meal on the weekend. I was back to myself in a month. Suggestion for a cheat meal is once a week. You can have anything you want for a cheat meal…and if you still want to stick your portions, this travel scale is a wonderful tool. It is the size of a cell phone and fits in any bag. I keep one in my lunch bag and one in my purse.

Here are some more tips to help your progress

Try a waist trimmer with Saran Wrap and Preparation H ointment… Yes, you read Preparation H. Preparation H is a little-known weapon used by professional bodybuilders and models. Because this ointment treats hemorrhoids by extracting excess water from swollen blood vessels, Preparation H is extremely effective in removing subcutaneous water when applied to the skin.

This is how it works. First rub ointment. Then wrap the Plastic tightly around your waist 5-6 times. Finally wrap the trimmer around your waistline. If the plastic bothers you to the point that it throws off your focus while working out, try wrapping it around your waist a few more times before finally using the waist trimmer.

All waist trimmers and waist trainers we recommend are Unisex.

There are different waist trimmers and each one serves its purpose. The one used with the Preparation H has a rubber lining to promote sweating, which is why it should go directly on the skin below your gym clothes. The next one goes over your clothes. It helps with form, posture, and supports your lower back during your workout.

This last one is a waist trainer and should be worn during the day underneath your clothes when you are not at the gym. We wear ours while we are at work for no more than 8 hours and never while we sleep. The lining on these are made of cotton so are soft to the touch. If the boning bothers you, try wearing a tank top first then putting in on. No one at work will notice you have it on when you wear your clothes over it…. Men can use them also. In fact, my husband uses the one in beige. He likes the reinforcement the zipper provides.  


Let’s talk about the importance of water. You will not find soda or sugary drinks on the App as it suggests 20 ounces of water per meal and that may or may not be enough depending on how much you weigh. The minimum amount of water a person should have per day is half their body weight in ounces. For example, a person weighing 160 pounds should consume at least 80 oz a day. Divide your current weight by 2 to know the minimal amount of water you should be consuming. While my minimum is half a gallon, I try to do a full gallon a day. By the time I have my last meal, I have already done 100 ounces leaving me with only 28 ounces left to hit my daily goal. I figured the extra amount can only help.

Drinking water has some extraordinary benefits such as removing toxins, helping with weight loss, reducing hunger, burning fat, improving complexion, preventing constipation, carrying oxygen to cells, decreasing fatigue, regulating body temperature, and protecting your organs.


For some items you might find useful that you can add to your water, visit our Supplement Guide.

Follow the plan the App gives you to reach your goal. The Plan is created off your choices so you are in full control of creating your physique. Weigh yourself each time you are going to meal prep and change your weight on the App. Go to Profile on bottom. Hit edit button on top. Enter new weight. CYP will instantly recalculate your portions so you can continue your progress.


Check out the video tutorials. There are great recipes there and a demonstration on how to measure your portions properly on a food scale.

If you don’t like a meal combo, hit the little arrows on the corner for new meal combo with your choice of foods. The App is defaulted to make sure you eat the right kinds of carbs at the right time of the day according to your schedule.

The Premium Package of the App has more features such as macro counting, caloric intake, and so much more including… the perfect platform that allows your coach and/or medical provider the option to log in and enter a particular plan they might want you to follow for a competition, event, or specific medical need. We wanted to be the bridge between personal trainer, coach, medical provider, nutritionist, and client so we can all work together to help you. Whether we are your coach or you have someone else in mind, all the tools everyone needs to live their best life is in the palm of their hands with Create Your Physique App.

If you are a personal trainer, competition coach, medical provider, or nutritionists and need help putting in the diet you want your client to follow, feel free to email us anytime at and we can walk you through the simple steps. Let’s work together to help your clients reach their goals and live their best lives.

Remember If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…



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