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Here we go! Project “Get in shape with CYP” is in full effect!!

In order for any diet to work, it has to be personalized to the individual. That is why our App is so effective and can change the world. Create Your Physique calculates a persons portions based on their goal giving you the power in the palm your hand.

Because knowing your portions is essential to reach your goal, you need a food scale.


Also a great buy. I love this thing! So easy!! $40 at Bed Bath & Beyond


The idea is to cook without loads of salt or sugar. Switching to Mrs.Dash will help you. Also, cook with real ingredients… Cilantro, Garlic, Lime, Onions, Peppers, and Scallions!

This is my personal favorite Mrs.Dash. The best price for the bigger bottle can be found at Sam’s.


Sam’s also has single ingredients in a dried manner. We use these as well because we don’t always have the time to chop. Sometimes we need to sprinkle and move on…


These are great easy to prepare items that I buy at Costco.


I like this yogurt. It has the least amount of sugar and doesn’t taste like paste. Look for the “simply 100” because the regular one has more sugar.


Here are my ingredients for a protein shake. We use old fashioned oatmeal versus instant due to sugar content. If that particular spinach is not available, any brand will do including the bag of spinach at the supermarket.


In order for diet to work, it must be tailored to the individual. Everyone’s portions are different.


All the things I have on deck for meal prepping. I also try to have limes nearby. That ketchup is no salt. Only 5mg of sodium.


Simple stuff! Regardless of your workout whether dancing or gym, you won’t reach your goal without proper nutrition 💯



Here are some more tips to help your progress. Diet is 80%!

Try a waist trimmer with Saran Wrap and Preparation H ointment. This is how it works. First rub ointment. Then wrap the Plastic tightly around your waist 2-3 times. Finally put the trimmer. The plastic may bother you. If it bothers you to the point that throws off your focus while working out, skip the Saran Wrap and only use ointment under waist trimmer.

Protein powders are a great way to increase your protein intake. There are so many products out there. These are the ones we use but feel free to use whatever product works for you.

Use Whey protein for daytime and Casein protein for nighttime. No more than 2 shakes a day. It will only help if you are doing the meal plan!


BCAA & Glutamine are great items to add to your water. BCAA replenishes your electrolytes without all the sugar while supporting muscle recovery. Glutamine reduces muscle breakdown and also helps with muscle recovery.


Another great addition for your water is L-Carnitine.

Benefits of L-Carnitine:
• Fat loss
• Appetite Suppressant
• Keeps you from storing fat
• Burns more calories
• Increases Strength
• Helps build muscle
• Decreases bone loss
• Helps heart disease
• Improves kidneys
• Helps diabetics with glucose oxidation, storage, and uptake


Sometimes when you change your diet, you can get constipated. If you have a hard time having a bowel movement, this is a great product. It regulates you without cramps or making you feel like you better hit the restroom before you crap your pants. You simply get the signal and easily go.


Another tip that will help with constipation is increasing your water intake. The minimum amount of water a person should have per day is half their body weight in ounces. For example, a person weighing 160 pounds should consume at least 80 oz a day. Divide your current weight by 2 to know the minimal amount of water you should be consuming. While my minimum is half a gallon, I try to do a full gallon a day. I figured the extra amount can only help with the benefits of drinking water.



Don’t spend lots of money on meal prep containers. You can find 20 containers for $20 on Amazon.


Follow the plan the App gives you. Weigh yourself each time you are going to meal prep and change your weight on the App. Go to Profile on bottom. Hit edit button on top. Enter new weight. CYP will instantly recalculate your portions so you can continue your progress.


Check out the video tutorials. There are great recipes there and a demonstration on how to measure your portions properly on a food scale.


If you don’t like a meal combo, hit the little arrows on the corner for new meal combo with your choice of foods. The App is defaulted to make sure you eat the right kinds of carbs at the right time of the day according to your schedule.


We cook a bunch of food on meal prep day and weigh from there. If we cook a bunch of chicken, pasta, potatoes, vegetables… we follow our portions on the App and eat the same protein all day.

So if the App gives you steak, fish, and chicken in one day but all you have is chicken, that is ok. Simply stick to your portions and make sure you are following the suggestion of what kind of carbs to eat during the day.

Your last meal will never be a heavy carb. It will always be your choice of veggies or your ingredients for a salad.

Here are some more tips to help your progress. Diet is 80%!

It’s ok to use bagged salad and frozen vegetables if you are pressed for time. We use these all the time. Meal prepping doesn’t have to be complicated.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…


Check out the rest of the website for transformations, more videos, recipes, and useful information. You can download the App directly from the website. You can also join all our social media to stay updated with unlimited motivation and support. We are all on this journey together 💪🏽💯💪🏽

I hope all this information helps. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions. We are happy to help 😊.


Thank you!


*Please be aware that none of these products are paying us to tell you about them. We just like these brands and wanted to share.

**Please follow all instructions and directions on any product you purchase to prevent any kind of harm.