Skin & Hair

Sometimes things happen to you so the universe can work through you to help others. My skin and hair have been through a lot in the past three years. Between a horrible hormonal acne breakout that came out of nowhere to massive hair loss due to medication given by a bad dermatologists when I went to get acne problem resolved… it has been a long journey. After changing my Dermatologists and discovery better products, I am finally feeling like myself. Haven’t had a breakout in months! I spent so much money trying a bunch of products that didn’t work. Here are the products that have done the job and that I now use on a daily basis. This is the routine that has given me the best results for my skin & hair.

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Facial Cleanser

MD recommended

(bit pricey but worth it and last a long time)

Multivitamin that helps Hair Growth

(showed it to my dermatologist and she approved)

Facial Serum - First

(under eyes then face – am & pm)

MaxiHair Plus

(My Dermatologist liked this one also)

Lift & Firm Moisturizer - Second

(After serum – am & pm) 

Antioxidant - Astaxanthin - Many Benefits

(anti-aging/eye/joints/tendons/muscle recovery/immune system/ & skin health with sun exposure) 

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

(before makeup if I leave the house)