An interview with Creators of CYP

Please introduce yourself

(Name, job title, background)

Hello, my name is Auriana Reyes and I am one of the minds behind Create Your Physique, an application built for everyone. I am a diagnostic medical professional in addition to a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. My husband has a career in law enforcement while also being a fitness competitor. We are just two regular people that know the struggle. We took our own money to build this App because we saw a real need for something easy and effective.

Tell us a bit about your app

Create Your Physique is an application that shows the user how to eat foods they actually enjoy in a way that will create their desired physique. After the user answers a few questions, selects their goal and their choice of foods, Create Your Physique generates a customized meal plan with personalized portions in less than one minute.

What inspired you to launch this app?

My husband is a fitness competitor and I am a personal trainer / nutritionist. I was spending two hours with every customized meal plan I would put together for each client and my husband would spend 30-45 minutes speaking to strangers that asked him what was his secret to looking so fit.

During one of those conversations with a stranger, I thought there has to be a better way to help people reach their goal. There has to be a better way to show someone that they don’t have to eat less, they just have to eat right. There has to be a better way to show people that they can do it and their food doesn’t have to be tasteless. There has to be a better way to help people without them spending so much money on things that don’t work.

That is when I decided we were going to build an App so that people would have the knowledge in the palm of their hand.

What are the benefits of this app? What does it offer? What makes it reliable and effective?

Create Your Physique has countless benefits due to the fact that it controls salt & sugar intake. This will benefit diabetics, those suffering from obesity, and reduce high blood pressure decreasing risk for heart disease. We all know that being healthier will increase your energy level and self-esteem. Having the physique you have always wanted will increase your confidence, which can affect someone physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  How you see yourself and how you feel can affect all aspects of your life. Diets are not one size fits all. It has to be tailor made to the individual in order to be effective.

Create Your Physique will build a customized meal plan for the user with personalized portions based on their desired goal and selected food choices. The users cannot say they do not like their diet because they build it. We simply show them how much of that food they should be consuming and what time of the day they should be consuming it according to their daily schedule. The App offers videos that not only show you how easy it is to navigate through the app with all of its amazing features but also how simple it is to meal prep. Everything you need can be found at your local supermarket.

No gimmicks. Just results. Easy & effective.

Who are you targeting with this app?

Everyone! Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, shape your toned physique into a lean physique, or want to build muscle, this App can help.

Can you tell us some of your clients’ success stories?

We are so proud of the users that have shared their success stories with us. One of our users started the program at 320 lbs and she now weighs 175 lbs. Since her weight loss, she got a promotion at her job and found the love of her life. She has managed to keep the weight off because she continues to follow her plan and realizes that this is a lifestyle.

Another one of our clients has managed to turn his thin body into muscle, which gave him the confidence to enter and win his very first fitness competition. We have a mother who is in the best shape of her life 7 months after having her baby at the tender age of 41. She was determined not to let the 70 lbs she gained during her pregnancy define her and slow her down. She wanted to be fit in order to have the energy she needed to do all the fun things with her daughter. She has never seen her abs and does now thanks to the App. I have many more stories, which can all be seen on our social media. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How can someone download this app and how much does it cost?

The App is available in the App Store for Apple and Play Store for Android. There is a free 7 day trial with an option to get our basic plan for $1.99 a month or our premium plan for $2.99 a month. Less than a drive thru meal. We wanted to give our users the tools they need without breaking the budget.

What are your future plans? Any new app?

We want to let everyone know that this Application is available and change the world one download at a time, which is why we are so grateful for the opportunity to take part of this interview. It is an honor to be part of someone’s journey and when a person contacts us and tells us the impact we have had on their life, it is priceless.

We will continue our mission to help everyone reach their goal. We do not have any plans to make any other applications but simply to work diligently to bring the very best to our users with Create Your Physique.